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Cognitive Therapy Training on Disc™ is available only to Mental Health Professionals or graduate students in a mental health field. Because of the need to qualify our buyer/end user, we are unable to sell our products to bookstores and other intermediaries. Thank you for all your support, encouragement and positive comments about our work.

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Clinical Demonstrations on DVD Video


Our newest CBT Clinical Demonstration on video DVD is titled: Building Resilience with Strengths-Based CBT (SKU: VRES. release date: 05/10/2015). This DVD illustrates our Strengths-Based CBT’s 4-step model to build resilience (Padesky & Mooney, 2012). Important phases of the interview are highlighted with chapter titles and paired with an audio voiceover narration in which Padesky describes the therapy processes and strategies that viewers can look for in the next segment. Her narrative guidance helps make this DVD an excellent teaching tool for therapists who want to learn to foster client resilience. To read more about this new clinical demonstration, visit our BUILDING RESILIENCE DETAILS PAGE


Here's a review comment about Anxiety Disorders: Principles & Methods (ANX2): "I've already listened to several of Dr. Padesky's programs and they are all great quality and value. It has made my driving time an opportunity for acquiring new techniques that I have been able to implement into my practice."




Did you know that we provide some workshop handouts? Some are available now, but not for all programs. 


What is Cognitive Therapy Training on Disc™?

  • 8 CBT clinical demonstrations on video DVD  /  25 CBT clinical workshops on audio CD featuring Christine A. Padesky, PhD
  • With special presentations by world experts in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy such as Aaron T. Beck, MD, Judith S. Beck, PhD, & Susan Byers, PhD
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Quick History

We created our first CBT training products over 25 years ago. The official year of our first audio/video training product was 1989. We sold our products at our live workshops and through mail and fax orders. Then in November 2007, we launched our online store. This has made it possible for worldwide access by clinicians, researchers, hospitals, institutions, universities, national health services and government agencies.

Who Has Purchased CBT Training on Disc?


CBT therapists, researchers, teachers and graduate students in 66 countries have purchased our CBT training products. From Argentina to Zimbabwe, we have representation from: over 307 colleges and universities, 105 NHS offices, 77 hospitals, 26 mental health libraries, Cleveland Clinic, LGBT agencies, Correctional Services in Canada, New Zealand Department of Corrections, Australia Department of Justice, Government Health Tasmania, Canadian Forces, Canadian Health Authorities, Canadian Youth Justice Agencies, Health Centres, Family Services, Centers for Addiction & Mental Health, Kaiser Permanente, prisons in UK and USA, US Air Force, US Army, US Naval Medical Center, and the US Veterans Administration.
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Featured Program on Audio CD - Case Conceptualization (step-by-step)

Workshop handouts are loaded with conceptualization models and details of all important topics and exercises. One reviewer said: I´m a trained and specialized psychologist and psychotherapist. I have found the step-by-step model of CCC very useful. It provided me with information about research, at a very useful level. The "present problem in a box - arrow in - arrow out" is a very useful model, which is presented in a way that makes it immediately understandable. And I´m very thrilled about Padeskey's focus on resilience and strengths in the clients, which is also presented in a very nice way in the program. (Anna Wejdemann). For a detailed description CLICK HERE 


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