Cognitive Therapy Training on Disc

Cognitive Therapy Training on DiscTM

Exclusively for Mental Health Professionals / SAVE 10-25%

FunPak7 / FunPak7 Deluxe - Discount Bundles 

Featuring the FUNDAMENTALS of CBT (Audio CD & Video DVD programs)

SAVE 25%

Frequently Asked Questions:

"I am learning CBT and do not know where to start. What should I order?"

"I want to improve my CBT skills in general. What programs should I consider?"

ANSWER: We believe the best way to learn CBT is to master the Fundamentals. We have produced 7 audio programs that cover and teach the basic skills needed to conduct competent CBT. These skills transcend protocols. Our Fundamentals programs offer an excellent update and review to those wanting to improve their CBT skills in general.Then you can consider other audio CD programs that pertain to the types of clients you are most likely to see (depression, anxiety, children, couples, personality disorders, etc).

The DELUXE package boosts your learning through the addition of two clinical demonstrations (on video DVD) that illustrate in real time: Case Conceptualization (DVD vCON) & Socratic Dialogue with three types of clients (angry, anxious and depressed) (DVD vSOQ).

Fundamentals are an essential component of CBT. Take advantage of the 25% savings and boost your CBT skills.

Take a few minutes and look over FunPak7 (Audio CD programs) and FunPak7 DELUXE (Audio CD & Video DVD programs). We offer you a 25% savings on these Discount Bundles.

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